50 Lbs of Carol's Gluten Free ALL PURPOSE Flour

50 Lbs of Carol's Gluten Free ALL PURPOSE Flour

**Carol's Gluten Free Flour in the 50 lb size is currently out of stock on this site. Please CLICK HERE to order the flour from Amazon.**

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Many gluten-free flour blends on the market are gritty and have a “cardboard” taste to them that can ruin the texture and flavor of desserts and baked goods.

Who wants to sacrifice flavor and texture? Not me! That’s why I developed a gourmet flour blend that not only works for basic baking and cooking, but is also refined enough for even the most delicate of pastries.

This blend bakes and tastes just like regular wheat flour. It is used cup-for-cup, just the same as regular flour. This means you can convert all your old favorites to gluten-free without sacrificing anything!

This flour blend has been carefully tested on hundreds of people who normally eat gluten and the response was overwhelming. The vast majority of taste testers could detect no difference. A professionally trained Le Cordon Bleu chef challenged the flour for two weeks, putting it through every test he could. Would it perform for muffins, cookies, cakes, pizza dough, cream puffs, pie crusts? Yes! Even sauces came out perfect!

This flour blend is perfect for all your cooking and baking needs. I use it for nearly all my recipes in books, on my blog and in the magazine.

I stand by this flour blend so much that I guarantee you 100% satisfaction in any recipe you use this flour in, or I’ll refund your money on the flour for any reason!


*Please note: This flour alone is not intended for bread making. Gluten free breads require additional ingredients that contain proteins to make it rise properly. When the necessary ingredients are added to this flour for bread making, it works perfectly..