DIGITAL Simply Gluten Free magazine 1 Year Subscription

Simply Gluten Free

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DIGITAL Simply Gluten Free magazine 1 Year Subscription

Enjoy Simply Gluten Free magazine from your smart phone & Tablet!


To receive Simply Gluten Free on your digital device, please follow these steps:

1.       Get  your Apple, or Android device. 

2.       Go to your app store and download the free Simply Gluten Free Magazine app.

3.       Open the app after it finishes downloading, and tap the “Existing Subscribers” button.

4.       Enter the email address and zip code that you provided when you ordered your digital subscription.

5.       Once the email and zip code are confirmed, you will be given access to Simply Gluten Free magazine!


If you have any questions, please contact:

Keep in mind that instructions are different depending on if you have ordered the print magazine or digital subscription only.

Digital only is available immediately. With print subscriptions, your digital subscription begins with your first print issue.

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